Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Health Care for Some or All

I have never understood how those who consider themselves religious can be so mean as to actually lobby against providing little children with health care.

I know all the arguments that conservatives make against socialized medicine, but I also recognize that every single politician who argues against providing health insurance for all personally enjoys government provided health insurance.

Every time Catholic Senator Brownback says the United States has the best health care in the world, we all have to shout back that we are really 37th in the world.

I remember when Chief Justice Rehnquist had an earache. He was taken to Walter Reed Army Hospital. They didn't ask him for his insurance plan. They didn't require him to fork over any co-payment. They gave the bill to you and me.

Same thing when the doctors fixed Vice President Cheney's heart for the umpteenth time. He goes around telling us how horrible government provided medical care is and how better off we are without government provided medical care then he goes to a government hospital, is seen by government doctors, receives expensive government provided medical care, and finally sends you and me the bill to pay.

I want the same health care Dick gets. I want to be enrolled in the Cheney Health Insurance Plan.

It's called H.R. 676 introduced by Representative John Conyers and currently enjoys 87 co-sponsors and has been endorsed by 298 labor organizations across the country.

Petition your Congressman and Senators to support Medicare for all, HR 676 and if you get into a town hall meeting with any of the candidates for President, ask them whether they support HR 676.

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