Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome to the Secular Anti-Defamation League

This blog is dedicated to promoting the rights and answering the critics of the Freethinkers in the world.

One should wonder why the land of free and home of the brave needs to advance the liberty of individuals to think freely. Yet we see everyday that there are those who demand that we cave in and give up our rights to think for ourselves and let them do our thinking for us. There is an almost constant drone of persons who want to tell us who to love, how to love, where to love, when to love, and why to love someone. There are those who want to control even our most basic internal bodily functions such as reproduction. There are those who tell us what we can and cannot eat, smoke, drink, snort, and shoot.

America is no longer a place safe for those who love liberty and want to live in peace. This site means for us to create a community where Secular Humanists can learn together how to fight back and secure our liberty and a place in the world.

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