Friday, March 25, 2011

'Congress shall make no law that increases the intelligence level of Republicans,'

Once again we have a candidate from the Silly Party complaining about the Muslims and Sharia Law and how is all fired set against any Muslims living under their set of religious rules. Then he turns around and campaigns as an Evangelical Christian saying he would only act in accordance with the religious rules established by Christianity. In other words, Pawlenty has changed the First Amendment from 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,' to 'Congress shall make no law that increases the intelligence level of Republicans,' thank goodness we don't have to work hard to to maintain the separation of Republicans and Intelligence.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bachmann, Kline: Obama’s not saying ‘God’ enough

62 members of the Kochsuckers Sill Party wrote a letter to Obama telling him he's not saying ‘God’ enough.

They are also upset he told some non-Christians that our first national motto "E Pluribus Unum" was still in effect. They want him to recognize the anti-communist McCarthyist national motto and the anti-communist McCarthyist addition to a Florida Socialist Minister's flag pledge. Our flag is under god.

Notice that no one knows which god it is under. Essays have been written about the nature of god in America and our belief in a SECULAR GOD. Or what some refer to as the Civil God for the Civil American Religion. This is not the Judeo-Christian-Libertarian-Atheist-Ayn Rand religion as the Kochsucking Tea Baggers would have you believe. No sir. This is that Declaration of Independence "Creator" and that American God Please Bless America spouted at the end of every political speech. It is not the universe creating deity that loves everyone just before he sentences them to eternal damnation. That's the Tea Baggers god.

America, as stated by the United States Supreme Court, has a  non-cosmic, non-sectarian, only for special occasions ceremonial god. We bring him out on Thanksgiving, our non-religious god's holiday created by President Washington. We ask him as our American god to bless us (Americans only) all the time. This god as everyone already knows does not exist in a real manner. He is a strictly a fictious character created to placate those simpletons who need the fantasy that there is an all-American deity watching out just for them. So salute the flag that is under a fictious made up non-sectarian deity that is worshiped at the dinner table on the third Thursday in November. Got to admit, it is a great deal better than the alternative that all those crazy religious believers insist on dragging around with them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Right Wing Watch exposes Pastor Garlow's anti-secularism

Garlow: The Left's "Ideological Radiation" Is Poisoning America Right Wing Watch

The Secular Left is once again being hounded for all the ills of society. So-called Christian Pastor Garlow for a San Diego church accuses Secularist of killing 52,000,000 babies in the womb. How we shoved those 52,000,000 babies back inside women's wombs is still a mystery as well the reason we would do such a thing.

No, there were not 52,000,000 babies killed by Secularists. There have been and there will continue to be terminated pregnancies as determined between each woman and her medical practioner. A fetus is not a baby. It is a growing lifeform that could become a human being if all circumstances fall into place to allow that outcome. But too numerous conditions arise that can and do terminate a given pregnancy. Furthermore, the life of the woman who has been impregnated can be adversely affected in way too many ways. the health of the woman, the economic condition of the woman, the effects of prenancy on the woman and the chemical changes that take place. Not just during the pregnancy but even afterwards. Chemical reactions that can result in Post Partum Depression. Severe injury and death can result from anyone of these conditions. Injury and death not only to the woman but the life she has inside her. All of these conditions lead to the ultimate conclusion that every woman should be allowed the freedom to determine her own health and that of the potential life inside her. And under no circumstances should a lay pastor even try to intervene or subject women to his/her total lack of medical knowledge. What makes these people even think they can practice medicine. Shouldn't you have a licence to do that?

As a member of the Secular Left, I stand up for the rights of women to determine their own lifes without the unending bigotry of so-called Christian pastors like Garlow who goe around professing to know what his diety likes. His diety likes for him to take away all women's rights. Wonder why I don't believe in Garlow's concept of Christianity? Wonder no more.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boston Globe exposes Santorum's anti-secular views

Rick Santorum is a conservative Catholic who has attacked President Kennedy for his secular views of public office. Read the Globe article here. Kennedy was also a Catholic but he represented all US citizens and was a president for all the United States. Santorum makes no bones about it, he will not represent all the citizens of the USA if he is elected president. He will rule as a born again Catholic and to hell with all those who do not agree with him. He is some Christian too. He is against providing health care to children and the sick and injured. He is against feeding the poor. He is against every teaching Jesus ever taught. And he is not even the worse of the born again haters.

So come on all you born again haters who profess to be Christians, vote for Santorum, then you can have the POTUS come over to your home and fondle your miscarriaged dead fetus. Disgusting you say. So do I. But that is what you will get if you elect yourself some Santorum.

Virginia has it's own super-millionaire tele-preachers living in tax-exempt mansions

The Religious Right Top Ten
Right-Wing Religious Forces Have Money, Influence And Power – And They’re Seeking More
Editor’s Note: This is an expanded version of the article that appeared in the October 2008 print edition of Church & State magazine.
By Rob Boston

1. Christian Broadcasting Network
Founder and Chairman: The Rev. Pat Robertson
2006 Revenue: $246,986,289
Location: Virginia Beach, Va.
Web site:
Overview: Television preacher M.G. “Pat” Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in 1961, primarily as an instrument of Pentecostal preaching and evangelism. Over the years, the ministry took on a political cast and became a vehicle for the propagation of Robertson’s far-right views.
3. American Center for Law and Justice/Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism
Founders: Pat Robertson (ACLJ) and Jay Sekulow (CASE)
2007 Revenue: $42,658,159
Location: Virginia Beach, Va., Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Ga.
Web site:
Overview: Attorney Jay Sekulow, a Jewish convert to evangelical Christianity, came to national prominence in 1987, after successfully arguing a case before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Jews For Jesus, which protested a policy at Los Angeles International Airport banning all forms of solicitation.
8. Jerry Falwell Ministries
Founder: The Rev. Jerry Falwell
2007 Revenue: $4,208,989
Location: Lynchburg, Va.
Web site:
Overview: The Rev. Jerry Falwell is considered the godfather of the Religious Right, and the story of how the controversial televangelist was persuaded to lead the Moral Majority by a band of conservative strategists is well known.
Falwell died in May of 2007, leaving his fundamentalist Christian empire in the hands of his two sons, Jerry Jr. and Jonathan. Jerry Jr. serves as president of Liberty University, while Jonathan pastors Thomas Road Baptist Church, a congregation that claims over 24,000 members and oversees the television ministry.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reverend Jim DeMint’s Theory Of Relativity: ‘The Bigger Government Gets, The Smaller God Gets’

The Reverend Jim DeMint of South Carolina who some folks think is a US Senator has told his congregation that every time the government grows, religion pays the price and his Deity gets smaller. Really not sure if he is speaking about his manhood or not.

He then espoused the crazy idea that a society has to have Christianity in order to be a working democracy. That will probably come as a surprise to all those non-Christians in India, Japan and Turkey that are Christian free democratic societies.

Actually, Christianity is the preferred faith of Monarchies. Anyone remember their history of Europe? Anyone remember the Catholic states of Italy, France, and Spain until the Moslems conquered Spain and the Catholics had to route them out and impose the Inquisition?

The Protestant states of England and the Germanic states were esactly the same as the Catholic ones, namely that the Monarchy was established as the leaders of their countries virtue of God's will.

Then at the end of the Eighteenth Century, the New World colonies fought for independence and overthrew God, King, and England. France followed suite soon after that. In the United States our nation of laws makes it perfectly clear that our nation is ruled by the laws established by the people of the USofA and not by religious organizations, or the crazy religious leaders, such as the Holy Reverend Jim DeMint or any of the other numerous would be self-declared religious theocrats who go around stating again and again that our nation is ruled by their God who hands down rules exclusely and explicitly to them. God talks to Jim DeMint and Jim DeMint runs us and our country according to what he says God told him to do. God told Jim DeMint that HE hates GLBTs, so we have to hate GLBTs. God told Jim Demint the fetus in the womb is a Human Being so we have to deny medical care to all women. God tells Jim DeMint that firearms are holy in his eyes, so every person and every household has to have as many firearms as possible.

Well Jim DeMint's God spoke to me and HE says don't listen to Jim DeMint. SH

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hundred Wounded In Latest Battle of the World Religious War

Christians and Muslims in Fatal Clash Near Cairo - NY

Eleven dead and almost a hundred wounded near Cairo. Why? An interfaith love affair that led to the burning of a Christian church. The picture to the left depicts the protesting Christians.

So goes the continuous war between Catholics and Protestants, Christians and Muslims, Muslims and Hindus, etc., etc., the whole world over on every continent except maybe Antarctica where no one lives. it is pretty obvious that when the rest of the world is the same as Antarctica, devoid of the human species, then we will finally achieve religious peace in the world.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birth Control and abortion with the founder of Planned Parenthood

Margaret Sanger: The Mike Wallace Interview

The religious right are trying to defund Planned Parenthood. Here is a video interview of Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood with Mike Wallace. She was a humanist, atheist, socialist, and feminist. Best part of course is the commercials for Philip Morris throughout the interview and Mike smoking throughout the whole show and even Mrs. Sanger saying she never smoked, but she will start with Philip Morris.