Monday, March 21, 2011

Right Wing Watch exposes Pastor Garlow's anti-secularism

Garlow: The Left's "Ideological Radiation" Is Poisoning America Right Wing Watch

The Secular Left is once again being hounded for all the ills of society. So-called Christian Pastor Garlow for a San Diego church accuses Secularist of killing 52,000,000 babies in the womb. How we shoved those 52,000,000 babies back inside women's wombs is still a mystery as well the reason we would do such a thing.

No, there were not 52,000,000 babies killed by Secularists. There have been and there will continue to be terminated pregnancies as determined between each woman and her medical practioner. A fetus is not a baby. It is a growing lifeform that could become a human being if all circumstances fall into place to allow that outcome. But too numerous conditions arise that can and do terminate a given pregnancy. Furthermore, the life of the woman who has been impregnated can be adversely affected in way too many ways. the health of the woman, the economic condition of the woman, the effects of prenancy on the woman and the chemical changes that take place. Not just during the pregnancy but even afterwards. Chemical reactions that can result in Post Partum Depression. Severe injury and death can result from anyone of these conditions. Injury and death not only to the woman but the life she has inside her. All of these conditions lead to the ultimate conclusion that every woman should be allowed the freedom to determine her own health and that of the potential life inside her. And under no circumstances should a lay pastor even try to intervene or subject women to his/her total lack of medical knowledge. What makes these people even think they can practice medicine. Shouldn't you have a licence to do that?

As a member of the Secular Left, I stand up for the rights of women to determine their own lifes without the unending bigotry of so-called Christian pastors like Garlow who goe around professing to know what his diety likes. His diety likes for him to take away all women's rights. Wonder why I don't believe in Garlow's concept of Christianity? Wonder no more.

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