Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boston Globe exposes Santorum's anti-secular views

Rick Santorum is a conservative Catholic who has attacked President Kennedy for his secular views of public office. Read the Globe article here. Kennedy was also a Catholic but he represented all US citizens and was a president for all the United States. Santorum makes no bones about it, he will not represent all the citizens of the USA if he is elected president. He will rule as a born again Catholic and to hell with all those who do not agree with him. He is some Christian too. He is against providing health care to children and the sick and injured. He is against feeding the poor. He is against every teaching Jesus ever taught. And he is not even the worse of the born again haters.

So come on all you born again haters who profess to be Christians, vote for Santorum, then you can have the POTUS come over to your home and fondle your miscarriaged dead fetus. Disgusting you say. So do I. But that is what you will get if you elect yourself some Santorum.

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