Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reverend Jim DeMint’s Theory Of Relativity: ‘The Bigger Government Gets, The Smaller God Gets’

The Reverend Jim DeMint of South Carolina who some folks think is a US Senator has told his congregation that every time the government grows, religion pays the price and his Deity gets smaller. Really not sure if he is speaking about his manhood or not.

He then espoused the crazy idea that a society has to have Christianity in order to be a working democracy. That will probably come as a surprise to all those non-Christians in India, Japan and Turkey that are Christian free democratic societies.

Actually, Christianity is the preferred faith of Monarchies. Anyone remember their history of Europe? Anyone remember the Catholic states of Italy, France, and Spain until the Moslems conquered Spain and the Catholics had to route them out and impose the Inquisition?

The Protestant states of England and the Germanic states were esactly the same as the Catholic ones, namely that the Monarchy was established as the leaders of their countries virtue of God's will.

Then at the end of the Eighteenth Century, the New World colonies fought for independence and overthrew God, King, and England. France followed suite soon after that. In the United States our nation of laws makes it perfectly clear that our nation is ruled by the laws established by the people of the USofA and not by religious organizations, or the crazy religious leaders, such as the Holy Reverend Jim DeMint or any of the other numerous would be self-declared religious theocrats who go around stating again and again that our nation is ruled by their God who hands down rules exclusely and explicitly to them. God talks to Jim DeMint and Jim DeMint runs us and our country according to what he says God told him to do. God told Jim DeMint that HE hates GLBTs, so we have to hate GLBTs. God told Jim Demint the fetus in the womb is a Human Being so we have to deny medical care to all women. God tells Jim DeMint that firearms are holy in his eyes, so every person and every household has to have as many firearms as possible.

Well Jim DeMint's God spoke to me and HE says don't listen to Jim DeMint. SH

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