Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bachmann, Kline: Obama’s not saying ‘God’ enough

62 members of the Kochsuckers Sill Party wrote a letter to Obama telling him he's not saying ‘God’ enough.

They are also upset he told some non-Christians that our first national motto "E Pluribus Unum" was still in effect. They want him to recognize the anti-communist McCarthyist national motto and the anti-communist McCarthyist addition to a Florida Socialist Minister's flag pledge. Our flag is under god.

Notice that no one knows which god it is under. Essays have been written about the nature of god in America and our belief in a SECULAR GOD. Or what some refer to as the Civil God for the Civil American Religion. This is not the Judeo-Christian-Libertarian-Atheist-Ayn Rand religion as the Kochsucking Tea Baggers would have you believe. No sir. This is that Declaration of Independence "Creator" and that American God Please Bless America spouted at the end of every political speech. It is not the universe creating deity that loves everyone just before he sentences them to eternal damnation. That's the Tea Baggers god.

America, as stated by the United States Supreme Court, has a  non-cosmic, non-sectarian, only for special occasions ceremonial god. We bring him out on Thanksgiving, our non-religious god's holiday created by President Washington. We ask him as our American god to bless us (Americans only) all the time. This god as everyone already knows does not exist in a real manner. He is a strictly a fictious character created to placate those simpletons who need the fantasy that there is an all-American deity watching out just for them. So salute the flag that is under a fictious made up non-sectarian deity that is worshiped at the dinner table on the third Thursday in November. Got to admit, it is a great deal better than the alternative that all those crazy religious believers insist on dragging around with them.

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