Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Californian says Secularists believe in myths.

From North County Times in San Diego;

FORUM: Secular humanists build on myth, not accuracy

Time to get into this whole Secular nation versus Christian nation meme. Religious maintain that because the Puritans settled in Massachusetts and Catholics settled in Maryland and that the British colonists in the Southern colonies were mainly Church of England that it naturally follows that this is a Christian nation. This is not a Christian nation. It is a Secular nation composed mostly of Christians through out its history until now and that may be changing soon.

The Founding Fathers were mostly not Christians but Deists. They had to be in order to overthrow the British Crown. After all, Mad King George was the head of the Church of England and Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, etc., over threw his monarchy in the New World. All of Europe was feudal. The first republican democracy in the world was the United States with no allegiance to any crown and therefore, no allegiance to any one God.

Remember, it was God, King, and Country every serf was forced at gun point to swear allegiance. Our Founding Fathers refused.

If you want to be a good American,
If you want to be a Patriotic American,
If you want to follow the American Idea,

Then you have to become a Deist or Secular Humanist, stop going to church, stop being a feudalist and become an American (someone who believes in freedom of thought, not blind allegiance.)

Last, but not least, remember that Secularists do not believe in myths. Christians do.

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