Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Says Christian Right are the Only Christians

I mean besides the Christian Right that is. Obviously, they think of themselves as the only Christians in America or the world for that matter. In their minds, our flag is their flag and it is wrapped around Jesus on the Cross. The Alliance Defense Fund CEO Alan Sears says that court decisions upholding separation between the state and religions is "bogus" and "bizarre".

No, what is bogus and bizarre is White Fundamentalist Christian Supremacists thinking that only they are the good Christians who should be allowed to go to college and discriminate against the other students (CLS v Wu) because they are not sufficiently Christian, not of the same sexual orientation, or not a Christian at all.

In North Carolina, the White Fundamentalist Christian Supremacists want to uphold an unconstitutional religious requirement to bar Cecil Bothwell to the elected office of city council in Asheville because he "don't believe in supernatural beings of any stripe..." In North Carolina you can not deny the truth of the Protestantism. The law of North Carolina is not only one hundred percent WASPish but also unconstitutional.

The White Fundamentalist Christian Supremacists also want to the government to discriminate against other religions such as when they work to protect a cross in the middle of the Mohave desert and deny other religions the opportunity to mount their symbols next to the White Fundamentalist Christian Supremacists cross.

Other WFCS want Kentucky to fund indoctrination of children placed under the care of the WFCS. Louisiana is earmarking taxpayer funds to only those WFCS churches the government favors. WFCS teachers in the Santa Rosa County Public School District committed criminal contempt of court when they ignored orders and directed school-sponsored prayers take place.

With the debate on health insurance reform, WFCS are fighting against all citizens access to medical care because they are opposed to safe and accessible medical care for women, especially reproductive freedom.

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