Monday, April 18, 2011

Far Religious Right are Anti-Union, Anti-Freedom, but Pro-Atheist Now

Pat Robertson and the incredibly extreme far right religious are anything but religious. But when I read that they were joining forces with the Ayn Rand Libertarian Atheists called the Tea Party, well I just could not believe it. Wasn't the most hated group after the ACLU, the Atheists? Now the Ayn Rand Libertarian Koch brothers and their Americans for Prosperity are employing Ralph Reed to fix them up with a date with the Evangelistas.

But then I read further on and discovered Pat Robertson Sides With African Leader Who Won't Leave Office: Media Matters for America. Ties to such great men as Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo because they bring with them the ability to make great wealth through diamond mines in their countries.

Then I had that moment of sudden understanding and slapped myself up side the head. Remember that the Catholic and Protestant Evangelistas Movement in America has absolutely nothing to do with belief in Gods, or anything to do with an afterlife. This movement is only concerned with this life and accumulation of great wealth. It is a Calvinist pro-worshipping of the Golden Calf. So it is very easy to see so-called Christain Evangelistas sidling up to rich Atheists like the Koch brothers.

The Tea Partiers as run by Americans for Prosperity are Ayn Rand Libertarian Atheists who couldn't care less whether the Evangelistas claim some false faith to advance their cause. Just so long as they bring along their millions of voters to support their faith that limited or no government is next to godlyness. You have to keep reminding yourself that the Christians throughout history have been consistent, if nothing else. Consistent in making this shit up as they go along. The Christains are about to become Anarchists with faith in Libertarian Atheists who worship great wealth. Pray for them.

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