Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Republicans are not trustworthy enough to negotiate with anymore.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie called a 'Bully' and a 'Punk' by Senate President Sweeney for Line Item Veto | Crooks and Liars

The one lesson that has to be taken away from the actions of New Jersey Governor Chris "Prick" Christie is that all Republicans are too untrustworthy to negotiate with about anything.

President Obama and Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid are currently negotiating with House Speaker John Boner over the debt limit. The Republicans think they have the upper hand in keeping tax cuts for millionaires. Obama and Reid should look to New Jersey. Governor Prick Christie signed a deal with Senate President Steve Sweeney. A very wrong deal, but a deal all the same. Sweeney got concessions from the Prick and the Prick got to gut public union rights. Then as soon as the Prick got what he wanted from the Democrats, he then sandbagged the Democrats and vetoed all the provisions in their signed deal.

This is a very valuable lesson for every person in America. There is not a single Republican in this country who can be trusted. All the Republicans ran for office in 2010 promising to fight for jobs. They lied to and sandbagged the entire nation by only fighting to continue tax breaks for themselves and their posterity and to hell with the rest of America. They are Libertarians, which only means Self-Interest above Country and Humanity.


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