Friday, January 14, 2011

Anti-Choice Pharmacist Refused Drugs to Bleeding Woman

Anti-Choice Pharmacist Refused Drugs to Bleeding Woman AlterNet

A woman walks into a pharmacy with a prescription to stop bleeding from doctors at Planned Parenthood. Before filling the script, the pharmacist calls Planned Parenthood and speaks with a nurse. The pharmacist wants the nurse to assure him the script is not for bleeding after termination of a pregnancy.

The nurse is of course barred from giving out patient health records, so the pharmacist refuses to fulfill the script without assurances that an abortion has not taken place. When he is asked to suggest another pharmacy that will fulfill the script, the pharmacist hangs up.

This little melodrama is brought to us by those friendly folks of the religious right wingnut variety. A pharmacist whose conscience not only forbids him from fulfilling aborticides, but also forbids him from fulfilling meds that stop bleeding after the fact.

And these people have nerve to claim they are concerned with an unborn fetus and the woman. They are clearly only misogynist.


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