Friday, January 21, 2011

We Live In The United Industries of America

Scalia and Thomas May Have Conflict of Interest, Common Cause Says -

The conservatives are united in ways that progressives will never be organized. There unity is so strong that it is even illegal. The majority of our Supreme Court have upheld the right of Koch Industries to fund the election and elect those politicians who champion the Koch brothers issues of energy and pollution makers in the Citizens' United decision last year that paid for the new majority in the House of Representatives.

You should go to Palm Springs later this month. That is when the Koch brothers will be holding a political retreat on how to get rid of the black guy in the White House. And their guests include the most conservative Supreme Court Associate Justices Scalia and Thomas. Common Cause has filed a complaint with the Justice Department over the obvious conflict of interest demonstrated when two Supreme Court justices who decided a case that presented their hosts with so much additional power for their wealth in the election and running of our country. Welcome to the United Conservatives of America.


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