Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obama Is Funding Religion Versus Science For The Next Two Year

I keep hoping we can find someone somewhere who can smack the President up side his head and knock some common sense into him. First he agrees to go along with the paid representatives of corporate interests and extend tax cuts for the top billionaires. Then, to offset the loss in revenue, he announces as his only spending cut that he will freeze his employees salaries for two years. In addition, he fails to mention that he continues to fund faith-based initiatives. So, while President Obama continues to pay Pat Robertson for prayers to keep hurricanes from striking the East Coast, he is also reducing the pay of the actual scientists hired to forecast and provide lifesaving warnings of all severe weather events that strike our North American Continent.

Like I said, can we please find someone who can knock a little common sense back into our President? Funding religion but not science is just not rational public policy.

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