Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jerry Boykin: People Always Ask Me "When Do We Take Up Arms" Against Obama

This was Bush's Army Intelligence Officer in Iraq. He has stated he saw demons in Iraq and now he calls for churches to rise up against our elected officials. Furthermore, he states our rights, such as, the right to vote comes from God. I thought we gave ourselves the right to overthrow the Judeo/Christian love of slavery and institute the right of self determination.

Okay for the last time, Obama is no where near a Marxist. Let's take the business bailouts. Obama had three choices. The first option was do absolutely nothing. That is what the TeaBaggers wanted. We would have had really long lines at soup kitchens on every block in every town in America. Wrong! Second choice was what Obama actually did. Namely, provide loans to banks and businesses to keep them solvent and people working. That is not the Socialist option. In some corners, it is called the rational approach. The Communist or Socialist option would have been if Obama had nationalized the banks and businesses. He didn't. So he is not now nor has he ever been a Socialist. Oh yea, also, you can not be both a Socialist and a National Socialist or fascism. The brownshirts were never Marxists, Jerry. Jeez, quit talking about things you have no intelligence about..

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