Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obama Prays With Gay Bashers

Below you will see a video of Get Equal's "Breakfast Without Bigotry" held in front of the DC Hilton where the President was inside attending the Foundations National Prayer Breakfast. The President is praying with those who wanted to pass a kill all gay people law in Uganda and where David Kato was killed by these God loving missionaries. So why would the President attend such a pro-hatred and bigotry event? An answer supplied by David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement states:   "Rubbing elbows with religious bigots, haters, and those directly tied to the anti-gay hate in Africa, evidently, is just part of the job of a politician. And a president who the right believes is a Muslim, cannot afford to skip Breakfast with Jesus." Even if that Jesus is one who supports murdering gay people.

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