Friday, February 18, 2011

The Myth of Militant Atheism | Psychology Today

I present for your amusement, an article from Psychology Today:

The Myth of Militant Atheism Psychology Today

by David Noise of the American Humanist Association tries to argue that because Atheists generally do not get into fights or go around killing or engaging in acts of terrorism, that the media calling them militant is only a myth.

Read the comments to this AP blog and you'll see one from Big Time Militant A. That is me and yes I see myself as a really big time militant atheist who demands my society live up to its promise of being a secular land that allows total freedom of thought for all its citizens. And that freedom will never be realized until we stop fighting religious wars and forcing us to provide sectarian education for our children, whether it be through vouchers or prayer in secular public education. And for crying out loud, quit making me pay the taxes that those damn churches refuse to pay.

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Beast Head said...

My first thought was, the Christian God answers prayers, the islamic one doesn't give a rats ass.

I think this shows that making reasonable requests of God and not ruining your society with idiotic ideas as the muslim countries do is the way to go.

I find atheists to be lacking any kind of spark for life and some are morally vacuous. Such people exist just for the sake of existing, and are rarely inspired to do anything of any consequence.