Friday, February 4, 2011

A Lesson In Gerrymandering - Virginia Style

This SH lives in one of the most conservative bigoted racists states in the Union. A past member of the Confederate States, our capital was the capital of the Confederacy. Our current governor even signs on to Confederacy remembrance legislation.

Now comes the time for redistricting and the Silly Party controls the House of Delegates and the Governorship, Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor's office.

The only thing standing between them and complete authority to gerrymander the entire state and increase their seats is the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Our illustrious AG Cooch says we have outgrown our institutional racism and should be exempted from the Voting Rights Act. Hmmmmm. Outgrown our racism have we?

Well Virginia is still only one of two racist states in the Union that still have the Jim Crow statute disenfranchising felons, who are overwhelmingly Black. Sorry Cooch, we need a lot more growing out of our institutional racism before we are eligible to be exempted from the Voting Rights Act.

And that won't even start to happen until we get rid of Taliban Bob, Bolling and Cooch and the current majority in the House of Delegates, our institutional racists who keep us from being exempt from the Voting Rights Act.

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